Reactivation Requests


DO NOT use this form if you are simply looking to redownload the product installer!

This form is ONLY to be used if you have received the 'eSellerate ERROR - 25005 Activation Limit Exceeded' Message!

There is a difference between a Reactivation request, and the simple need to just redownload the installer! Please refer to our Support Policy for further clarification. Failure to follow these rules will only resuly in delayed response time!

Product Reactivation

Your QualityWings product has a special Activation process that must be done each time you reinstall the product. The activation process will fail if you exceed the allotted amount of Activations during a given timeframe. The Activation algorthithm is smart enough to figure out if you have done some minor changes to your PC, made major changes to your machine or whether you are using a totally different machine.

If you have run out of Activations, please use the form below to request new Activations.

Upon submission, please allow 2-4 hours for Reactivation. If there is a problem with your reactivation request, QualityWings will notify you via the email provided on the Form below. To help us better serve this request, please be sure that the Store purchased from and Order Refernce Number is correct before sending this request.

The Ultimate 757 is available in several different stores (online and in actual stores) so the Order Number format may differ. Please reference the examples below:

  • Order Number: STXXXXXXXX
  • Avsim Store: Invoice No. XXXX
  • FlightSimStore: Order Number: FSSxxxxxxx
  • FS Pilot Shop: Order ID XXXXXX
  • PC Aviator: Order ID XXXXX
  • simMarket: Order # XXXXX
  • Boxed Product: Please enter your Serial Number